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All The Best Mobile Casinos In ONE Place!

Over the last decade in particular, people have changed their online habits from desktops to mobile phones. The online casino industry in particular is possible the industry that has adapted the mobile trends the most. You will find few online casinos in Canada today that don’t offer a fully developed and utterly pleasant mobile version of their games.

We at Palasino aim to be your number one place in Canada for all your online casino activity. We gather the best games, the best online casinos and the best bonuses so that you can focus on doing what you came for: to gamble, relax and enjoy yourself.


In this sense, we have of course done our research and identified the top mobile casinos in Canada in 2022. We have presented them all on our website, www.palasino.com, so please take a moment to find the perfect mobile casino just for you.

These lists may not come across as impressive feats. Still, they are the results of lots of due diligence, research, and trials. Our experts have gone through thousands of mobile casinos in order to filter out the best ones just for you.

So what then are the mobile criteria they look for?

1. The license. We would never recommend an unlicensed mobile casino. Your money’s safety is our number one concern.
2. The game selection. We ensure that all the mobile casinos on our list cover the widest span of old and new games possible. No one should come to Palasino and find an empty table. It will always be overflowing with the most delicious games you can imagine.
3. Superior payments. Payments, whether on desktop or mobile casinos, should be fast and they should be cheap. We choose to bring forward only the mobile casinos that adhere to our picky preferences – all so that you can enjoy your mobile casino experience and not have to bother with the admin stuff.
4. The best mobile bonuses in Canada. We are always on the hunt for the most generous mobile casinos in the country. And given the size of our establishment, we have the bargaining power to force mobile casinos to pay up to our dear players.
5. VIP mobile treatment. Whether you are a high roller or a happy, casual small stakes player, loyalty should always be rewarded. Whenever you play on mobile casinos, that proverbial red carpet should be a properly rolled out for you.